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About icons

Icons are fun visual feature of Mind Collected. Icons are useful indicators displayed over your items.

Icon Examples in Mind Collected

You can use icons in many ways. For example, you can add an “unchecked checkbox” or “checked checkbox” icon to indicate an unfinished or finished item. Or, add “Thumbs Up” icon to an item you favor.

You can also use 1 to 5 star icons to rate how you liked a book or movie item.

Or, use green, yellow or red circle icons to indicate whether you are successful in keeping a habit item. Check out the inbuilt icon gallery to get many more ideas.

Each item can have unlimited number of icons assigned to it. If there are too many icons, depending on the current thumbnail size, some of the icons might not get displayed as they simply won’t fit.

Using icons is optional.

Assigning icons to an item

To add an icon to an item, select the item, then click the Icons button in the main toolbar. This will display a popup with all available icons. Clicking on any of the icons will add it to the selected item. If you click an icon that the item already has, it will be removed from the item.

In the Add Item and Edit Item windows, you can also add icons by clicking the Add Icon button. To remove an icon, click any of the icons shown on the left of the button.

Overlay icons

Importing custom icons

You can import your own custom icons by clicking the Icons button in the main window, and then clicking Manage Icons in the popup menu.

This will open the Manage Icons window, which allows you to add new icons, but also rename or delete the existing ones.

You can Drag and Drop image files into the Manage Icons window to quickly import new icons. You can also Drag and Drop image files into the Add Item and Edit Item windows, into the icon area left to the Add Icon button.

PNG files are best and widely used. ICO and GIF files can be also used. It’s best if you use images with transparency. Icons without transparency usually don’t look good when used.

Maximum size of icons is 90×90. Larger files will be resized down (with aspect ratio preserved, of course).

If you want to use a specific icon, you can almost certainly find it on the internet, and then import it. Get creative – there are no limits! It’s your visual database after all!

Renaming and deleting icons

You can rename icons using the Manage Icons window, which can be opened using the Icons button in the main toolbar.

To rename an icon, simply select it in the Manage Icons window, then click the Rename button.

Similarly, to delete an icon, select it in the Manage Icons window, then click the Delete button. If the icon is in use, you will be asked if you want to replace it with some other icon. If you click Yes, you will be able to choose the replacement icon. If you click No, the icon will be simply deleted and removed from all items that were using it.